About Us


Consider JMAC Partners your strategic solutions partner, a seamless and integral extension of your organization. With innovative thinking and implementation, we deliver the results-based professional program execution that you expect.

The JMAC Difference

We take recruitment into the community, and bring the community to the sites with high response media and outreach, augmented by technology and social platforms. Our enrollment programs enhance site-based recruitment, especially when faced with competing studies and exhausted databases, We are nimble and flexible when it counts. We make decisions quickly, and implement them with assurance, always keeping our focus on the recruitment goal necessary for a successful trial. Our proven, high-value initiatives can be adapted based on emerging needs with contingencies that avoid mid-program stalls.

Patients First

Every study is unique. Every patient has his or her own personal motivations. We understand that a person is not defined by the condition they have. Identifying qualifying symptoms is only a start; what motivates someone to participate is almost always more emotionally complex. Years of experience and research allow the JMAC Partners team to step into the shoes of the patient. We know what is important to patients and their families and their families and ensure our services are delivered with compassion and respect.

Embracing Diversity

Diversity benefits everyone. JMAC Partners develops dedicated campaigns to reach specific ethnic populations and trains site staff to be more mindful of cultural differences. Dedicated media campaigns can double the rate of minority enrollment. Our outreach strategies work with—and for—sites to identify, engage and motivate community resources. We find minority populations outside site databases. Our team provides training, recruitment materials and an array of support services that allow sites to embrace cultural diversity.

Reporting, Metrics & Technology

JMAC Partners Project Managers do more than safeguard smooth ramp-up, delivery and wrap-up of every engagement. Project managers take a consultative approach and look at enrollment from the perspective of every stakeholder, supported by comprehensive metrics. Our weekly Engagement Report flags issues, allowing us to resolve them effectively and efficiently.

JMAC Partners reporting starts on day one of our engagement. We deliver ongoing recaps via email, metrics tracking through our weekly Engagement Report, and formal analysis in Interim and Final Reports. Our comprehensive reporting goes beneath the surface, providing in-depth analysis of what happened and why. We provide strategic insights to solve immediate issues and learnings that can improve enrollment in future studies JMAC Partners technology applications enhance the enrollment process for sites and make participation more convenient for subjects.


This online portal and reporting application provides actionable data and real-time functionality, keeping sites and study teams empowered. JMAC SUMMIT pinpoints the status of every patient and provides a snapshot of referral activity with the simplicity of web browser access.


SUMMITrack gives JMAC Partners the ability to objectively monitor site follow-up with patient referrals allowing our Site Relations team to manage referral flow and mitigate backlog.

At-Risk Subject Tracking

When subjects miss appointments, or become noncompliant, they are on the path to withdrawal or loss to follow-up. Our early warning tracking system identifies at-risk subjects, allowing us to work with sites to find the underlying cause of the behavior so that it can
be resolved.

Mobile SMS Text Service

SMS technology allows patients to prescreen immediately upon hearing or viewing advertising. Enrolled subjects also receive study and appointment reminders via text.

Online Site Resources

Built in tandem with study websites, this secure portal provides sites with on-demand access to study materials, as well as informational resources that can answer technical and logistical questions quickly.


This smartphone application provides geotargeted results for potential community outreach resources, customized for each study. Resources may include clinics, specialist practices, allied health services and assistance facilities.