At JMAC Partners, we take the art and science of clinical trial enrollment to a new level. Our dedicated staff becomes your integral partner, delivering exceptional services on your behalf. Your reach is global and so is ours. We give you the 30,000 foot overview, as well as a ground level perspective of the recruitment landscape for the countries in which your study plans to recruit. We have offices and affiliates located across the globe, ready to deploy for your clinical enrollment and retention needs.

Our enrollment and retention services include, but are not limited to:

  • Study awareness and brand development
  • Direct response media platforms
  • Call center services
  • Community and unique site events
  • Content-rich educational and awareness                         generating study materials
  • Website development and delivery
  • Dedicated Site Relations teams
  • Essential communication vehicles
  • Training, webinars and learning forums
  • Community and professional outreach
  • Market research
  • Customized technology enhancements
  • Comprehensive reporting and metrics
  • Multilevel engagement support


Identifying study candidates committed to better long-term health is the cornerstone of our Recruit to Retain philosophy. While patients’ motivations to enroll is complex, their reasons for withdrawal are surprisingly simple: the experience falls short of expectations, work and/or family get in the way, or the requirements of participation become just too much.

The Recruit to Retain enrollment system ensures that sites select study candidates that meet more than the minimum study criteria. Recruit to Retain tools and materials help sites screen candidates predisposed to complete the study. Recruit to Retain technology enhancements, such as At-Risk Tracking, continue to support sites and subjects throughout participation for better outcomes.

Materials and
Media Advertising

We connect patients with study sites rapidly and effectively through customized campaigns that include print, broadcast and digital platforms. Our foundational materials and websites educate, motivate and generate awareness, with a universal appeal that can be adapted to any culture. Our recent metrics show that patients who review our materials and view the study websites are three times more likely to properly self-select and qualify for the study.

Community Outreach
and Events

Community outreach, professional networking and local event participation increases screening by as much as 20%. Our “no hassle” preparation and turnkey booth kits make event participation easy for sites. Open House events for patients allow sites to efficiently prescreen highly motivated referrals, eliminating time-consuming phone screens, as well as generating higher than average referral-to-consent rates.

Site Relations
and Training

Enrollment programs that include Site Relations can improve retention by reducing avoidable withdrawals by more than half. JMAC Partners’ Site Relations combines phone support and on-demand resources­—in addition to moderated and self-directed training—to promote high level collaboration and relationship building. Site Relations moves patients closer to consent by accelerating referral processing through additional prescreening and scheduling of appointments.